A Neurobiological Hypothesis

Basis for a cooperation in 2013 with Norbert Schipke, a non-medical practitioner

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Joachim Gruber

Gerald Edelman interprets processes in our consciousness analogously to processes in our immune system (Theory of Neuronal Group Selection, TNGS). He describes the effects of stimuli and information entering our consciousness from the outside world with global models taken from immune system research.

The model of consciousness used in Systemic Therapy connects modern systems theory to Edelman's TNGS. (more on Systemic Therapy)

This way scientific models can be used to globally interpret and possibly control psychological/psychiatric and other medical processes. An example would be to use self-organized oscillations

generalization of external stimuli following Edelman's Theory of Neuronal Group Selection

Conceptual generalization of bacteria / external stimuli following Gerald Edelman's Theory of Neuronal Group Selection (TNGS)

Starting points (continuous arrows in figure)

Psychosomatic hypotheses (dashed arrows)

Neurobiological hypothesis (psychosomatic destabilisation of disease)

As co-author of Lymenet.de I received emails from a few Lyme patients with a rather positive attitude towards life with details of their unsuspected recovery:

On the basis of his large patient data base Burrascano reports similar effects (supportive theray).

In principle, depending on the state of the disease, psychosomatic effects might be triggered by nutritional supplements or other supportive therapies and could reverse immune and hormone dysregulation. This could explain the success that non-medical practitioners have.

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