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S1E1/2. 09/26/87 721 41153.7Encounter at Farpoint
S1E3. 10/03/87 103 41209.2The Naked Now
S1E4. 10/10/87 104 42805.25Code of Honor
S1E5. 10/18/87 107 41386.4 The Last Outpost
S1E6. 10/24/87 106 41263.1 Where No One Has Gone Before
S1E7. 10/31/87 108 41249.3 Lonely Among Us
S1E8. 11/07/87 109 41255.6 Justice
S1E9. 11/14/87 110 41723.9 The Battle
S1E10. 11/21/87 111 41590.5 Hide And Q
S1E11. 11/28/87 105 41294.5 Haven
S1E12. 01/09/88 113 41997.7 The Big Goodbye
S1E13. 01/16/88 114 41242.4 Datalore
S1E14. 01/23/88 115 41636.9 Angel One
S1E15. 01/30/88 116 41365.9 11001001
S1E16. 02/06/88 112 41309.5 Too Short A Season
S1E17. 02/13/88 118 41509.1 When The Bough Breaks
S1E18. 02/20/88 117 41463.9 Home Soil
S1E19. 03/12/88 119 41416.2 Coming Of Age
S1E20. 03/19/88 120 41503.7 Heart of Glory
S1E21. 04/09/88 121 41798.2 The Arsenal of Freedom
S1E22. 04/16/88 123 N/A Symbiosis
S1E23. 04/23/88 122 41601.3 Skin of Evil
S1E24. 04/30/88 124 41697.9 We'll Always Have Paris
S1E25. 05/07/88 125 41775.5 Conspiracy
S1E26. 05/14/88 126 41986.0 The Neutral Zone

S2E1. 11/19/88 127 42073.1 The Child
S2E2. 11/26/88 128 42193.6 Where Silence Has Lease
"Where Silence Has Lease" - The crew is held hostage in a mysterious void by a being who wishes to observe the many ways in which humans die. ... The Enterprise destroys it with one torpedo, and are puzzled to detect no debris. Then, their sister ship, the Yamato, appears, but does not respond to hails. Riker and Worf beam over to check it out. While they find a strange, Escher-like joining of bridges, the Enterprise sees an opening, but cannot leave while they away team is on the Yamato, and communications are out. After they let the exit vanish, communications mysteriously come back up, and the away team, jumpy, is beamed back aboard just as the Yamato vanishes. Several similar openings appear, but vanish whenever the ship tries to move towards them. Just as Pulaski remarks that this all feels like a psychology experiment on rats, a mysterious face appears in the void. It announces itself as "Nagilum", and after asking a few questions, decides it wants to examine the phenomenon of death. It kills one crewman, then says it must learn about "every kind of dying", and expects it will take thirty to fifty percent of the crew. Shortly after this, in a conference, Picard decides that there's only one option: destroy the Enterprise. He and Riker set the auto-destruct, with a twenty minute countdown. After about fifteen of those minutes have gone by, Picard is visited in his quarters by Data and Troi. After Data asks about death, both tell Picard in no uncertain terms that it is wrong to destroy the Enterprise. Picard says, "yes. This is very wrong. Neither of you should be reacting in this way," and finds out from the computer that Data is on the bridge. Nagilum's simulations vanish, and so does the void. After ordering the ship well clear of where they were, Picard aborts the destruct. Nagilum appears on the screen in Picard's ready room a short time later, to present its conclusions, and expressed its amazement that humans have survived. Picard points out that both species share the trait of curiosity, and Nagilum vanishes, as the Enterprise continues on.

S2E3. 12/03/88 129 42286.3 Elementary, Dear Data
"Elementary, Dear Data" - Pretending to be Sherlock Holmes, Data uses the holodeck to solve a mystery that threatens Dr. Pulaski's life.

... Their first attempt to find her (Pulaski) leads them to a dead end. When the Inspector gives "Holmes" a mystery to solve, Data quickly does so, but says it does not connect with their search, leading Geordi to conclude that the computer is running an independent program. They find Moriarty, who worries them with his talk of Data being "Holmes-yet not Holmes", and then shocks them by calling for the arch. He gives Data a picture of the Enterprise, and Data and Geordi leave in a panic. They try to shut down the holodeck, but cannot. Apparently, Geordi's instruction to create an adversary worthy of Data, and not Holmes, set up a chain reaction that gives Moriarty both power and consciousness. After examining alternatives, Picard decides the safest approach is for him, with Data, to go back into the holodeck and confront Moriarty.

By the time they reach him, Moriarty has gained a reasonable understanding of the ship's operations, and proves to them that he can cause damage by shaking the ship. Data, attempting to make the program run its course, concedes defeat, but Moriarty does not vanish. He claims to no longer be Moriarty, and says he wants merely to continue to exist...outside the holodeck. Picard sympathizes, as "Moriarty" is no longer evil, but cannot help. Moriarty, admitting failure, cancels the override protocol he'd placed on the holodeck. Picard suggests to Moriarty that they save his program until they find a way to recreate him more permanently. Moriarty is saved, and the Enterprise rendezvouses with the Victory.

S2E4. 12/10/88 130 42402.7 The Outrageous Okona
"The Outrageous Okona" - While the Enterprise crew play host to a witty renegade captain, Data struggles to acquire a sense of humor. ... The captain of this ship is Debin, a leader of the planet Atlec, one of the two planets in this cluster. He demands Okona be turned over to him as a known criminal. While Picard considers options, a second ship shows up, holding Kushell of the planet Streleb, who also demands Okona. Picard sends Worf to bring Okona (currently in another woman's room) up to the bridge. When he reaches the bridge, Okona tells Picard he is not a criminal, but refuses to say why Debin or Kushell might want him. When Picard asks, he finds that Debin is convinced Okona has fathered an as-yet unborn child on his daughter Yanar, and Kushell claims he stole a valuable jewel.

Okona still insists he is not a criminal, and suggests that the Enterprise manage to stay out of things by simply repairing his ship and letting him run off. After talking to Wesley, however, Okona decides to stay and make a stand. Both sets of parties beam aboard, and after some bickering, Okona "decides" to marry Yanar. However, Kushell's son Benzan objects, and the real truth of what happened comes out: Benzan and Yanar are in love. She's carrying his child, and Benzan gave the jewel of Thesia to Okona to give to Yanar. All involved parties except Okona leave, satisfied.

Data brings Guinan onto the holodeck, where he performs in front of an audience. It goes well, but then he realizes that the audience has been programmed to laugh at everything, and cancels, depressed. However, when Okona leaves, Data makes an inadvertent joke that leaves everyone smiling.

S2E5. 01/07/89 132 42477.2 Loud As A Whisper
"Loud As A Whisper" - The future of a warring planet depends on a deaf mediator, who suddenly loses his ability to communicate.

... Troi comes to Riva (the mediator) and tells him she is going to try to mediate, and asks him for suggestions. Riva suggests she find something the two factions have in common, no matter how small, and says the real trick is "turning a disadvantage into an advantage." Troi challenges him to do the same, and he decides to beam back down.

When all is in place, Riva tells the Enterprise crew they can leave. Everyone is puzzled, except for Troi, who tells Riker that Riva is going to teach the Solari his sign language, which will help them communicate, not only with him, but with each other. The Enterprise leaves, confident that he will resolve the war, and Picard thanks Troi warmly for all she has done.

S2E6. 01/21/89 131 42437.5 The Schizoid Man
A brilliant but terminally ill scientist seeks eternal life by transferring his mind into Data's body.

The Enterprise travels to the home of Ira Graves, a brilliant but desperately ill scientist. While en route, they receive a distress call from a nearby ship. Although they depart to help the Constantinople, they drop off Troi, Worf, Data, and Dr. Selar, a Vulcan, at near-warp velocities on Graves's world. Graves's assistant, the lovely Kareen Brianon, greets them. When asked why she abruptly cut off transmission earlier, it's revealed that Dr. Graves didn't know they were coming. Graves appears, quite irascible, but he grudgingly allowed Selar to examine him. While she does this, he becomes fascinated by Data. He claims to have taught Noonian Soongh, Data's creator, everything he knew, and refers to himself as Data's grandfather. Selar then reports: Graves has Darnay's disease, which is terminal.

Graves starts talking only to Data and retreats into seclusion with him. He insists Data call him "Grandpa", and reveals that he doesn't actually believe he'll die, as he's learned a way to transfer his mind into a computer. When Data, while discussing death, mentions his "off" switch, Graves gets a cunning look in his eye. While Troi, Worf and Selar discuss Graves with Kareen (and Troi tells her that Graves is quite attracted to her), Data comes out and says Graves just died a few minutes ago, in his arms.

The Enterprise, which has by now returned, beams back the away team, and prepares to take Kareen to a starbase. Data, however, starts acting a bit strangely. He delivers an overly sentimental speech at Graves's funeral, and seems to be becoming attracted to Kareen. Picard talks to Data later, but is convinced he's just been trying a bit too hard to be human. This opinion changes, however, when Data becomes insubordinate, and accuses Picard of having "unprofessional" intentions toward Kareen. Troi, unbelievably, senses jealousy from Data. Picard orders Data to submit to an examination by Geordi, and when that comes up empty, Deanna gives him a psychiatric test.

She then reports her disturbing results to Picard: there are two different personalities in Data's mind, and the irrational one is growing, to the extent that the Data they know may soon be lost. Data, meanwhile, goes to Ten-Forward, where he tells Kareen that he is Graves, transferred into Data. He declares his love for her, and says he'll build an android body for her as well. When she declines, he accidentally hurts her, then departs for Engineering.

Picard confronts Data/Graves in Engineering and demonstrates to him how violent he's become. After punching Picard out, Graves is filled with remorse, and leaves Data's body, downloading himself into the Enterprise computer. There, his knowledge stays intact, but not his consciousness. Data revives, intact, but with no memory of what happened.

S2E7. 01/28/89 133 42494.8 Unnatural Selection
The crew grapples with a mysterious disease which accelerates the aging process, causing humans to die of old age within a matter of days.

S2E8. 02/04/89 134 42506.5 A Matter Of Honor
Riker's loyalties are put to the test when he is assigned to a Klingon vessel which plans to attack the Enterprise.

...After Riker welcomes on board Ensign Mendon, a slightly arrogant Benzite on board as part of Starfleet's new exchange program, he discusses the program with Picard, who thinks an Enterprise officer should participate. When Riker hears there's a Klingon vessel in the area, he volunteers eagerly.

As the Enterprise heads to rendezvous with that vessel, the Pagh, Worf discusses Klingon policy with Riker, particularly the idea that the first officer's duty is to assassinate the captain should he become weak. Riker later samples Klingon food in preparation for his new assignment. Just before he leaves, Worf gives him an emergency transponder to ensure his safe return.

When they arrive and rendezvous with the Pagh, the captain, Kargon, immediately orders Picard to beam Riker over. On the bridge, Mendon notices a strange form of bacteria on the Pagh, but says nothing. Riker is wished well and beamed over.

One of the first things he does is answer a challenge to his authority as first officer from his second officer, Lt. Klag. Meanwhile, Enterprise sensors detect the same substance on its hull. When Mendon mentions that he saw it earlier, he is chastised for not reporting it then (though Benzite procedure required that he not mention the problem until he had a working solution). He is put to work, with Data, to analyze the bacteria and find out everything he can about them.

Riker, in the mess hall of the Pagh, deals with such novelties as live serpent worms ("Gagh is always best when served live," says one Klingon), and two Klingon women expressing curiosity about how he would endure "them". Meanwhile, Mendon and Data find out that the Pagh contains more of the compounds the bacteria feed on, and thus are more vulnerable, and the Enterprise begins searching for the Pagh.

Kargon, however, has already found the damage, and is convinced this is Federation treachery....

S2E9. 02/11/89 135 42523.7 The Measure Of A Man
When Data refuses to be disassembled for research purposes, Picard is enlisted to defend his rights in court.

S2E10. 02/18/89 136 42568.8 The Dauphin
Wesley finds romance with the beautiful young ruler of Daled Four whose secret power could destroy the Enterprise and her crew.

The Enterprise arrives at Klavdia Three and picks up Salia, future ruler of Daled Four, with her guardian Anya. Geordi takes the opportunity to make some minor adjustments to the warp engines, and sends Wesley for a magnet. Wes gets it, and then runs into Salia, and they seem immediately attracted to one another.

While Troi expresses concern that Salia and Anya may not be exactly what they appear to be (i.e. humanoid), Geordi sends Wesley out of Engineering until his hormones calm down. Wes consults with Worf, Data, and Riker about what to say to Salia, but none are particularly helpful. While Anya (whom we've seen change her shape earlier) takes a tour of the ship, Wes lurks outside Salia's door, until she asks him in to find out how to work the food dispenser

S2E11. 03/18/89 137 42609.1 Contagion
The Enterprise's computer system falls prey to a mysterious electronic "virus" which programs the ship to self destruct.

... Upon arriving at Iconia, they are approached by a probe similar to one that scanned the Yamato, but manage to destroy it before it can scan them. Geordi deduces that an alien computer program from the probe is what destroyed the Yamato, and Picard, Data, and Worf beam down to the apparently long-dead Iconia to look for anything that could help them solve their own problems. You see, in taking the Yamato logs, they also took the program, so it's gradually spreading.

Back in space, the Romulan vessel appears again. As Riker calls for red alert, shields and weapons start failing at random. The ship is helpless, but suddenly it becomes clear that the same thing is happening to the Romulan ship. Picard, meanwhile, finds a control center, and Data accidentally activates the Iconian equivalent of a transporter, which can go anywhere. Picard, not willing to risk Iconia falling into Romulan hands, decides to destroy the installation-but then Data is taken over by the program himself.

Picard orders Worf to take Data back the next time the image switches to the Enterprise (which it's already done before), and quickly asks Data how to destroy the installation. Data, badly damaged, manages to tell Picard how to do this, then he and Worf leave. Data, in Engineering, completely shuts down, then revives, intact except for a slight memory loss. Geordi realizes that a complete shutdown and wipe of affected memory will "cure" the Enterprise, and does that. Picard, meanwhile, triggers the destruct and runs through the gate, where he finds himself smack aboard the Romulan ship, where the auto-destruct has engaged itself. The Enterprise beams Picard back, and Riker and Geordi tell Taris how to save her ship, as the Enterprise warps away.

S2E12. 03/25/89 138 42625.4 The Royale
They detect one building down planetside, with breathable air smack in the middle of a vicious storm system. Riker, Data and Worf beam down.

They find only an antique revolving door. When they go through, they find themselves in "The Hotel Royale", a hotel and gambling casino, and are welcomed by the desk clerk as three foreign gentlemen (expected, of course). Communications with the ship are lost, and Geordi and Wes begin working on finding a frequency that will work. Data, meanwhile, finds that none of the figures they see around them are emitting life signs.

While Geordi and Wes continue their work, Data learns how to play blackjack from Texas, one of the gamblers, and wins easily. Riker, becoming less amused, assembles Data and Worf and the three try to leave, only to find they cannot. The revolving door takes them back where they started, and no other exits can be found. (The walls are also phaser-resistant.) Riker confronts the desk clerk again, who doesn't seem to realize he's not on Earth, and is not at all helpful. Then, Data detects signs of human DNA, and they go upstairs to investigate.

S2E13. 04/01/89 139 42679.2 Time Squared
They are stunned to find it's a duplicate of an Enterprise shuttle, and contains a duplicate of Captain Picard!! Pulaski inspects Picard-2, and says the life signs are confusing-he's human, but his brainwaves are "out of phase". The unconscious Picard-2 is taken to sickbay, and Picard consults with Troi, who says that really is him. Data and Geordi begin working on extracting the shuttle logs, but have difficulty doing so, due to odd phase differences. When they finally extract what they can of the logs, they notice the stardate is from six hours in the future.

Pulaski wakes Picard-2, who seems terrified and is completely incoherent. Then, at the staff meeting, Geordi and Data play back the logs, which show the Enterprise destroyed in 3 hours, 19 minutes' time, with only Picard escaping in the shuttle. Not knowing precisely how to avoid their fate, or even if they can, they decide to continue on course. Pulaski, meanwhile, informs Picard that Picard-2 should become more coherent as they approach the time he left. A bit later, he's slightly more coherent, but is still lost to where and when he is. Picard gets angry and leaves.

A short time later, Riker suggests Picard restrain his "natural" tendency to immediately find an action appropriate to the problem-to "sit down, shut up and wait," as Picard puts it. Then, suddenly, a strange energy vortex appears below the Enterprise and starts sucking them in. Picard initially decides to investigate, but then changes his mind. However, even maximum power isn't enough to get them away, and it in fact becomes a problem, since they then need to cut power for an instant, tightening the vortex's grip. They launch a probe, which is quickly destroyed. Then, a beam of energy strikes both Picards, and after a second bolt hits, Troi senses the entity behind the vortex is centered entirely on Picard now. Picard realizes that Picard-2's idea was that if he left, it might distract the entity long enough for the Enterprise to get away.

He heads down to sickbay, and orders Picard freed and the evacuation of all personnel from shuttle bay 2. Both Picards go to the bay, but Picard-2, though coherent, is not listening to anything other than his own need to leave-he's locked into the path he's already taken. After talking to Picard-2 for a short time, Picard realize the "other choice" is to go forward, into the vortex. Saying that before this can happen, "the cycle must end", he kills Picard-2, and goes back to the bridge. He orders the ship forward, heading directly for the center of the void. As they travel, both Picard-2 and the duplicate shuttle vanish, as does the void a few seconds later. The crisis over, Picard goes to the observation deck to ponder the questions this incident has raised.

S2E14. 04/22/89 140 42686.4 The Icarus Factor
S2E15. 04/29/89 141 42695.3 Pen Pals
S2E16. 05/06/89 142 42761.3 Q Who
S2E17. 05/13/89 143 42779.1 Samaritan Snare
S2E18. 05/20/89 144 42823.2 Up The Long Ladder
S2E19. 06/17/89 145 42859.2 Manhunt
S2E20. 06/24/89 146 42901.3 The Emissary
S2E21. 07/08/89 147 42923.4 Peak Performance

A simulated war game turns deadly when the crew is ambushed by a Ferengi battleship.
Due to the Borg threat, the Enterprise is taking part in Federation wargames, overseen by the Zakdorn strategist Sirna Kolrami, who is unpleasant, to say the least. Kolrami tells Riker he will be commanding the 80-year-old U.S.S. Hathaway, and putting her in simulated combat against the Enterprise. Riker selects his complement of 40, including Worf, Geordi and Wesley.

Before Riker leaves, he invites Kolrami to play a game of strategema, a game at which Kolrami is a grandmaster. Kolrami easily defeats Riker (who did not expect to win, but merely played for the privilege of playing him), and Pulaski suggests to Data that he play Kolrami, to knock Kolrami down a few pegs. Riker and company arrive at the Hathaway and are given 48 hours to get her into shape. This may prove difficult, as Geordi finds they have virtually no dilithium, and no antimatter for the warp drive. Worf considers the possibility of fooling the Enterprise sensors, and Wesley returns to the Enterprise, to pick up a "science project" of his which just happens to have antimatter.

Data, put up to the match by Pulaski, plays Kolrami-and loses. Concerned that his loss may be a sign of a malfunction in his systems, Data goes into seclusion in his quarters, and neither Pulaski nor Troi can help him. Picard, after yelling at Kolrami for his belittling attitude towards Riker, goes to Data's quarters with a no- nonsense attitude and gets Data back to the bridge, where the two confer about Riker's probable tactics. ...

S2E22. 07/15/89 148 42976.1 Shades Of Gray
Commander Riker is struck down by a deadly microbe which invades his central nervous system and attacks his brain.

... After determining that sexual arousal merely stimulates the organism's growth, she and Troi find that strong negative emotions drive the organism off. By tightening the focus of the beam, she induces the most basic, primal, "survival emotions", and Riker recovers, weak but intact.

S3E1. 09/23/89 150 43125.8 Evolution
Wes, having nasty suspicions, checks his lab and realizes the problem is probably all his fault. He talks to Guinan about it, saying he accidentally let two Nanites (tiny robots designed to work in living cells) escape in tandem, and they may be responsible.

S3E2. 09/30/89 149 N/A The Ensigns of Command
S3E3. 10/07/89 151 43142.4 The Survivors 
S3E4. 10/14/89 152 43173.5 Who Watches The Watchers
S3E5. 10/21/89 153 43198.7 The Bonding
board), Wes starts thinking of the day that Picard told him his father had been killed. Picard tells Jeremy his mother has died, and when Jeremy says he's all alone, reassures him that "on the Enterprise, no one is alone."

In 10-Forward, Data and Riker discuss how familiarity affects one's perceptions of another's death, and remember how it felt when Tasha died. Geordi comes back from the planet, with evidence that all the remaining booby-traps had been defused. Worf, meanwhile, rages about the senseless nature of Aster's death, and tells Troi of his plan to make it up to Jeremy by offering him the R'uustaI, or the bonding. Despite Troi's qualms, Worf talks to Jeremy. Though he does not yet offer the R'uustaI, he discusses Klingon views of death, and suggests to Jeremy that they honor his mother's memory together.

Meanwhile, sensors detect an energy field on the planet, and Troi senses a "presence" emanating from it, slowly moving upward toward the ship. After we see a brief conversation between Wes and Bev about Jack Crusher, a hand taps Jeremy on the shoulder, and he turns around to see his mother. At first wary of this strange happenstance, he quickly comes to believe his mother really is alive, and meekly prepares to leave with her to go live down on the planet. Before they beam down, however, they are stopped by Worf, who seizes Jeremy (at which point his "mother" disappears).

Troi leads Jeremy back to his quarters, only to find they now exactly resemble his house on Earth, and that his "mother" is there again. Though Troi tries to convince Jeremy that none of this is real, he is enthralled, and stays with Mom. Picard manages to keep the pair from going much further than their quarters, and the alien quickly explains herself.

There were apparently once two races on the planet below- the Koinonians, made of matter; and her race, made of energy. Her race vowed never to let anyone suffer because of the Koinonians' wars, and she is merely trying to make Jeremy happy. Picard calls Wesley into Jeremy's quarters, along with Worf, and asks Wesley to explain to Jeremy how he felt when he heard Jack had died. After Wes explains how angry he was at Picard for leading the mission where Jack died, Jeremy faces his anger towards Worf, who then discusses having lost his parents, and offers Jeremy the R'uustaI. He accepts, and his "mother" vanishes, as Jeremy and Worf bond.

S3E6. 10/28/89 154 43205.6 Booby Trap
S3E7. 11/04/89 155 43349.2 The Enemy
S3E8. 11/11/89 156 43385.6 The Price
S3E9. 11/18/89 157 43421.9 The Vengeance Factor
S3E10. 12/30/89 158 43462.5 The Defector
S3E11. 01/06/90 159 43489.2 The Hunted
S3E12. 01/27/90 160 43510.7 The High Ground 
S3E13. 02/03/90 161 43539.1 Deja Q
S3E14. 02/10/90 162 43610.4 A Matter of Perspective
S3E15. 02/17/90 163 43625.2 Yesterday's Enterprise
S3E16. 03/10/90 164 43657.0 The Offspring
S3E17. 03/17/90 165 43685.2 Sins of the Father
S3E18. 03/24/90 166 43714.1 Allegiance
S3E19. 03/31/90 167 43745.2 Captain's Holiday
While on vacation, Picard becomes entangled in the search for a missing weapon from the future

S3E20. 04/21/90 168 43779.3 Tin Man
The crew is thrust into a deadly showdown with the Romulans over a newly discovered life-form in a remote star system.

S3E21. 04/28/90 169 43807.4 Hollow Pursuits
The crew struggles to help a young engineer whose obsession with the fantasy world Holodeck is endangering the ship.

S3E22. 05/05/90 170 43872.2 The Most Toys 
The crew leave Data for dead when his shuttle craft explodes during a dangerous mission. 

S3E23. 05/12/90 171 43917.4 Sarek
Ambassador Sarek comes on board with his staff and his new (also human) wife, Perrin, to complete a treaty with the Legarans (his last mission before retiring). Although his aides seem overly concerned with his health (Sarek himself says they're overprotective and seems fine), and Sarek is slightly cranky (as cranky as a Vulcan ever gets), all seems well. (We do, however, see a bit later that Sarek is currently unable to meditate to attain peace.)

Then, not long after he comes on board, tempers start flaring up on board the ship: Wesley and Geordi start arguing with each other heatedly while setting up the conference room and are broken up by Riker. Then, after a Mozart recital which Sarek attends (and at which Picard actually sees Sarek cry), tempers get worse: Bev slaps Wesley for no reason, and Ten-Forward becomes the site of a bar brawl.

Bev and Troi eventually advance a theory: Sarek himself may be the cause, due to a very rare malady contracted by aged Vulcans known as Bendai's syndrome, in which all emotional control is gradually eroded away. Eventually, Data confronts Sarek's young aide Sakkath about his odd behavior (checking to see how Picard's diplomatic skills are, and so forth), and eventually finds that Sarek indeed suffers from the disease, and that Sakkath has been trying to help Sarek's control, with limited success. This will jeopardize the treaty with the Legarans (since Sarek's the only one they'll speak to), but Picard is forced to convince Sarek of this anyway, over the objections of both Perrin and Sarek's chief of staff, Mendrossen (also a human).

Picard manages to convince Sarek of his ailment (by driving him virtually incoherent with rage, which he shouldn't be able to do), but is then struck by remorse over what he has done to such a great man. Upon Perrin's later suggestion, Picard suggests to Sarek that the two of them mind-meld, giving Sarek the added control he needs, and letting Picard serve as a temporary well for Sarek's emotions. Despite the risk, they go through with it, and while Picard/Sarek rages over his inability to tell people he loves how much he loves (or loved, in the case of the dead) then, Sarek/Picard manages to conclude the treaty. Sarek expresses his gratitude to Picard, and says they will each retain the best part of the other. He leaves, his mission successful, but his control eroding further...and Bendai's Syndrome has, at present, no cure.

S3E24. 05/26/90 172 43930.7 Ménage à Troi
no description available

S3E25. 06/02/90 173 43957.2 Transfigurations
The Enterprise rescues a mysterious humanoid whose remarkable powers affect the entire crew

S3E26. 06/16/90 174 43989.1 The Best of Both Worlds
The evil Borg capture Picard in an attempt to conquer the human race

S4E1. 09/22/90 175 44001.4 Best of Both Worlds Part II
Riker must choose between saving Picard and saving humanity when the Borg use the kidnapped captain as part of their plan to destroy the Earth. 
S4E2. 09/29/90 178 44012.3 Family
While the Enterprise undergoes repairs on Earth, crew members reunite with family as Picard comes face to face with his jealous brother. 
S4E3. 10/06/90 177 44085.7 Brothers
After being summoned home by his elderly creator, Data clashes with his evil brother, Lore.
S4E4. 10/13/90 176 44143.7 Suddenly Human
Picard risks war when he refuses to return a human boy to the alien father who raised him, and may have abused him
S4E5. 10/20/90 179 44161.2 Remember Me
Wes is in Engineering, working on some warpfield experiments, and Geordi's telling him to finish sooner than possible, because he needs his engines back. As Bev watches, Wes hurriedly tinkers a little, and then there's a bright, completely unexpected flash. There doesn't seem to be any lasting effect, however (though Wes looks up not long after and seems puzzled not to see Beverly there), and the ship leaves.

The next morning, Bev goes to Quaice's quarters to invite him to breakfast, but after he doesn't answer the ring, she enters-and finds neither him nor his belongings. Further, the computer claims that no such person is on board. She calls Worf, who is apparently not aware of Quaice's presence either, but he agrees to start a search. Stranger still, Picard doesn't remember seeing any mention of his visit, despite Bev's insistence that she sent the electronic paperwork about it to him weeks ago. When Bev becomes confused about why anyone might have intercepted her request and approved it, Picard suggests looking into whether Quaice had any enemies on the starbase.

However, things get worse. The starbase claims to have no record of Quaice's existence-and he worked on the base for six years. Then, as if that weren't enough, O'Brien, whom we saw beam Quaice on board, doesn't remember doing so\ but does remember Bev coming in alone, looking around, saying "Thank you" and leaving. And, of course, there's no transporter trace of Quaice's existence, either.

While Worf, Riker and others start looking to see if the ship's somehow been tampered with, Bev checks O'Brien to see if he's all right. He's fine, but Bev finds that Drs. Hill and Selar, and four other medical personnel are gone as well-and they've all been on board for months. After she reports this to Picard, the two of them proceed to Engineering, where Wes talks about his experiment. He'd been experimenting with Kosinski's warpfield equations, and when he tried to create them (i.e. make a stable warp- bubble), it destabilized. While a bubble could theoretically have swept up Dr. Quaice, it was limited to Engineering, so it can't be the culprit- and there's no way it could alter computers and memories like that either.

Bev goes back to sickbay-and finds it completely empty. When she reports the absence of her staff to the bridge, they seem unsurprised-after all, says Data, she's never had one. And the complete crew assigned to the ship only numbers 230. As Bev reacts with somewhat understandable shock, Picard takes her aside and begins expressing concerns for her mental state. He believes her, and even sends the ship back to SB 133 based solely on her plea, but she agrees to talk to Troi.

Then, not much later, Bev's in sickbay, when suddenly a bright vortex appears out of nowhere, blowing papers and books everywhere, and nearly sucking Bev in. Geordi, however, looks for it after it disappears and finds no trace of it-or any evidence that it ever existed. By now, an analysis has shown that there are no malfunctions, and no other ships in the area (including a Ferengi cruiser) have reported anything abnormal-but now the complete crew only numbers 114. No one other than Bev finds the ship's emptiness unusual-the space is necessary for transport of colonists, ferrying diplomats, emergency evacuations, and so on.

Worse yet, when Bev suggests working with Worf on something, she finds that no one knows whom she's talking about. She asks Deanna if she's going mad, and Deanna comforts her, saying first that Bev has "acted in...the best interest of the ship and the crew-what more could anyone ask?", and then that if this is all just a big misunderstanding, all that happens is that they're a little late at their next destination. Bev starts wondering if they'll even reach the starbase, then runs off in a panic, worried about Wesley.

Bev goes to find Wes in Engineering-fortunately, he's still there. She tells him that they've got to find someone who can help-someone who understands all about warp-bubbles. Unfortunately, Kosinski's no help, and they're his damned equations. However, Wes mentions that Kosinski's "assistant", the Traveller, might be able to assist-but no one knows where, or even if, he is. The two of them head up to talk to Picard-but only Bev gets as far as the turbolift. Now truly panicked, she runs to the lift and goes to the bridge, finding a sole occupant-Picard.

Picard, despite Bev's vivid descriptions, has no memory of any of the people she mentions (Riker, Data, Troi, O'Brien, Worf, and Wesley), insists that the ship's "never needed a crew before", and doesn't remember the Traveller. To make her feel better, he agrees to have his vital signs continually monitored, and the computer starts talking about them continuously in the background. Bev apologizes for her outburst, but Picard says that if she's right, and he has forgotten people who were once his closest friends and associates, then he deserved every bit of it.

She promises not to forget any of them, and to try to get them back. She tells Picard that she's got something to say to him-but his seat is suddenly empty, and the computer is silent. Then, the vortex appears again, and Bev again just manages to avoid being sucked in. However, as we see her starting to recover from the vortex's influence, we hear Geordi and Wes trying to maintain something-but then they fail, and the vortex (in reality, a gate they tried to open) collapses. Wes gives up, saying they'll never get Bev back now. But a voice says "It's not over, Wesley...", and the Traveller phases in. "There's still a way."

The Traveller, on board the real Enterprise, says that Bev is still alive, for as long as she thinks she is. It would seem that a warp-bubble did capture someone-her; and while inside, Bev's thoughts created the reality she's currently in. He cannot go in and get her, any more than he can enter her thoughts, but together, he and Wes might be able to open a gateway. (However, she'll have to choose to go through it.)

Meanwhile, Bev tries to reason things out, but gets nowhere, despite managing to catch the computer in a contradiction (namely, that she's the only member of the crew, but alone she is incapable of fulfilling the Enterprise's primary mission). She tries to contact the Traveller's race, and then orders a course to Tau Alpha C, that race's homeworld-despite it being 123 days away at Warp 9.5. But as she says "Engage", she finds that the planet has vanished from the computer's starfield.

As the real ship heads back to SB 133, and Wes begins to rework the equations, the Traveller tells him that he must let go of his guilt over what happened-he must exist solely for the here and now if he is to have a chance. Bev tries to raise the starbase and finds she cannot. She calls up the viewscreen, but sees only a mist outside, which the computer describes as a mass-energy field 705 meters in diameter. She continues her enquiries, and finds that according to the computer, the known universe is a spheroid that is only 705 meters in diameter.

The Enterprise arrives at the starbase and begins to assume the precise location and position they had when the bubble formed. The Traveller senses the bubble, and Wes sees it again on his panel, but then the Traveller shudders slightly, and says that the bubble's collapsing.

Bev calls up a graphic of the universe, and when she finds it looks exactly like the schematic she saw in Engineering of the warp-bubble, realizes that she's trapped inside it herself. Then there's a sudden hull breach-when she investigates, she finds that reality is shrinking further; and she's only got 4 minutes 17 seconds left. As the Enterprise reestablishes the exact coordinates, Bev theorizes that her thoughts created this reality, but she can't figure out what to do next.

With about three minutes left, the Traveller starts phasing-and Bev realizes while talking to the computer that the vortex she saw must have been the gateway out of this reality. She decides to go to where the bubble originally established itself, in Engineering, traveling just to deck 36 when she finds the lift won't go directly to Engineering.

By this time, both the Traveller and Wesley are phasing, and the gateway is beginning to form, but now time's running short. Seconds after Bev leaves the lift, it vanishes, and now she starts outrunning entropy. She makes it to Engineering, and manages to dive through the gate just as the bubble vanishes entirely. She embraces Picard, thanks the Traveller, and clings to her somewhat exhausted son. And all is as it should be.

S4E6. 10/27/90 180 44215.2 Legacy
A rescue mission leads the crew to the birthplace of their late comrade Tasha Yar, where they encounter her mysterious sister. 
S4E7. 11/03/90 181 44246.3 Reunion
When Picard is chosen to mediate a Klingon power struggle, Worf confronts the Klingon who disgraced him
S4E8. 11/10/90 182 44286.5 Future Imperfect
After an Away Team mission fails, Riker awakens in sickbay to discover sixteen years have passed and he now commands the Enterprise. 

S4E9. 11/17/90 183 44307.3 Final Mission
After being accepted to Starfleet Academy, Wesley accompanies Picard on a final mission, only to find himself struggling to keep the captain alive.

S4E10. 12/29/90 184 44356.9 The Loss
Counselor Troi resigns her post after experiencing a mysterious loss of her empathetic powers. 

S4E11. 01/05/91 185 44390.1 Data's Day
A friend's impending wedding compounds Data's confusion about the nuances of human feelings.

S4E12. 01/26/91 186 44429.6 The Wounded
Picard must stop a renegade Federation starship which is making unprovoked attacks on a former enemy's ship.

S4E13. 02/02/91 187 44474.5 Devil's Due
Picard fights to save a terrorized planet from a powerful woman who claims to be the devil

S4E14. 02/09/91 188 44502.7 Clues
Picard and the crew are shocked to discover that Data is lying to them

S4E15. 02/16/91 189 N/A First Contact
Critically wounded during a first contact mission, Riker is mistaken for a hostile alien

S4E16. 03/09/91 190 44614.6 Galaxy's Child
The Enterprise becomes surrogate mother to a huge alien creature after Picard is forced to destroy its real mother

S4E17. 03/16/91 191 44631.2 Night Terrors
Trapped in a rift in space, the crew of the Enterprise are plagued by unexplained paranoia and hallucinations.

S4E18. 03/23/91 192 44664.5 Identity Crisis
Dr. Crusher races against time to locate a parasite that threatens to transform Geordi into an alien creature.

S4E19. 03/30/91 193 44704.2 The Nth Degree
A crew member is endowed with super human intelligence by an alien probe and threatens the fate of the Enterprise.

S4E20. 04/20/91 194 44741.9 Qpid
The mischievous Q turns Picard into Robin Hood and sends him on a quest designed to force him to prove his love for an old flame

S4E21. 04/27/91 195 44769.2 The Drumhead
A search for spies aboard the Enterprise turns into witch hunt in which Picard is implicated as a traitor
S4E22. 05/04/91 196 44805.3 Half a Life
S4E23. 05/11/91 197 44821.3 The Host
Dr. Crusher's love is put to the test when she falls for an alien who exists in different "host bodies" in order to survive.

S5E1. 09/21/91 201 45020.4 Redemption II

S5E2. 09/28/91 202 45047.2 Darmok

S5E3. 10/05/91 203 45076.3 Ensign Ro

S5E4. 10/12/91 204 45122.3 Silicon Avatar

S5E5. 10/19/91 205 45156.1 Disaster

S5E6. 10/26/91 206 45208.2 The Game

S5E7. 11/02/91 208 45233.1 Unification: Part I

S5E8. 11/09/91 207 45245.8 Unification: Part II

S5E9. 11/16/91 209 45349.1 A Matter of Time
... Rasmussen then prepares to leave, but is surprised to find the Enterprise crew blocking his way into his ship. It seems that they've noticed the various missing items, and want a look inside his ship for them. He initially refuses, but after it's pointing out that he'll never get in if they can't, agrees to let Data, and Data only (as Data can be ordered never to reveal any future secrets he sees) come inside to look. Data finds the items, but is threatened with a phaser by Rasmussen, who turns out not to be an historian from the future, but rather a disgruntled inventor from the PAST. He swiped the time pod from the real 26th-century historian who visited him several weeks "ago", and planned to take the items he stole back to his time and "invent" them over a few years. He now intends to take Data as well-but fortunately, the computer picked up the weapon when the door was opened and deactivated it. Data drags Rasmussen back out, and the now- emptied time pod vanishes back to where it came, leaving Rasmussen to the mercy of 24th- century historians who will, no doubt, be very interested in studying him.

S5E10. 01/04/92 210 45376.3 New Ground

S5E11. 01/25/92 211 45397.3 Hero Worship

S5E12. 02/01/92 212 45429.3 Violations

S5E13. 02/08/92 213 45470.1 The Masterpiece Society

S5E14. 02/15/92 214 45494.2 Conundrum
The Enterprise is tracking some odd signals which could be a sign of intelligent life. Troi and Data are in Ten-Forward: Troi manages to beat Data at three-D chess and then coaxes Data into paying off his bet. Beverly, meanwhile, is examining a diver who missed a dive by a little too much. Riker and Ro, en route to the bridge, are arguing over innovative techniques and proper procedure. Once they arrive, a ship comes into range, and appears to be the origin of the signals. It's a one-man craft with minimal armament, so they hail it and keep shields down. The craft's scans then mimic an optical data reader and increase more than tenfold in power, so the shields go up. Data, behind the bar, offers Troi her winnings: a Samarian Sunset [a drink], traditionally made. Suddenly, a green flash washes over Data, and then the rest of the crew in rapid succession. On the bridge, everyone seems oddly confused...and rightly so, for all have suddenly lost all memory of who they are! They quickly realize that they're on a starship, and Ro (at helm..."Looks like I'm the pilot") finds that the helm is down. Riker and Worf examine tactical, which is also inoperative. Everyone's ability to do these things makes it clear that while their identities have vanished, their basic skills have not. Riker notes that Picard, with four pips, is probably the starship's leader, although Worf (also decorated, with the sash) points out that there are other possibilities. Picard, however, points out that who leads is unimportant right at the moment; the important thing is to find out their identities and mission. And, as an unidentified person in a commander's uniform points out, they need to know what happened to them, and how....

S5E15. 02/22/92 215 45571.2 Power Play

S5E16. 02/29/92 216 45587.3 Ethics

S5E17. 03/14/92 217 45614.6 The Outcast
The Enterprise has teamed up with members of an androgynous race called the J'naii, in a joint attempt to find and rescue the crew of a missing J'naii shuttle. They quickly find that the shuttle has, in all probability, fallen into a pocket of "null space", where their electromagnetic energy is slowly being drained and signals cannot get out. Riker teams up with one of the J'naii, Soren, to work on charting the pocket. Soren and Riker are each puzzled and fascinated by the differences in each other's culture: the concept of gender is so deeply ingrained to Riker, and so foreign to the J'naii, that it's an incredibly confusing gulf. Nevertheless, the two quickly become friends.

The charting mission is successful, and preparations ensue to modify the shuttle in such a way that it can enter the pocket long enough to rescue the crew. However, the night before the shuttle is to be launched, Soren confesses to Riker that she finds him attractive. She tells him that this can never be made public, however; the J'naii find the concept of gender repugnant and deviant, and those who demonstrate tendencies toward one gender or another are labeled deviant and "cured" through brainwashing. Soren, and those like her, live lives filled with secrecy, pretense, and fear. Riker is stunned....

S5E18. 03/21/92 218 45652.1 Cause And Effect
Disaster has struck. Casualties are mounting. The starboard nacelle has taken a direct impact and is leaking drive plasma. Geordi attempts to shut down the warp core as Riker orders the crew to the escape pods. The shutdown is unsuccessful, and the ejection mechanism for the core is not off-line. Picard gives his final orders. "All hands abandon ship! Repeat, ALL HANDS ABAN-" And the Enterprise goes up in a fiery explosion- this very sequence happens several times, but the last loop comes to its end not before Data hurriedly makes a decyon transmission...

S5E19. 03/28/92 219 45703.9 The First Duty
S5E20. 04/18/92 220 45733.6 Cost Of Living
S5E21. 04/25/92 221 45761.3 The Perfect Mate
The Enterprise is ferrying Kriosian ambassador Briam to a meeting with his opposite number, Voltan ambassador Alric, where the two warring systems will finally settle their differences on board the Enterprise. Unfortunately, some Ferengi on board wreak havoc at the wrong time, and Briam's "cargo" is revived early, and revealed to be a beautiful woman named Kamala, who seems to show an immediate interest in Picard. Kamala is a rarity, a female empathic metamorph, who unconsciously molds her personality to meet the desires of those men around her. Eventually, she will bond to one man, and she has been intended since birth to bond to Alric, ending their bitter feud. Riker takes her to some quarters, but she quickly turns herself into his ideal woman and tries to seduce him.

The following morning, after being told by a very angry Beverly that Briam has Kamala confined to quarters, Picard goes to see her. She explains that her presence could be detrimental to the crew, and when Picard asks her to stop changing herself in this way, she explains that it's part and parcel of who she is; "one might as well ask a Vulcan to forgo logic." Picard asks her what she and other metamorphs do or want when there's no one else to mold to. She says, simply, that she's incomplete. Picard leaves, visibly disturbed by her forceful approach.

After initially failing to convince Briam that she can move freely, Picard appoints Data her chaperone. Even Data has his hands full, however, when Kamala causes trouble in Ten- Forward with a group of miners. Kamala later tells Picard that she thinks she should remain in her quarters, and will-but only on the condition that he visit. Picard first demurs, then becomes fascinated when she shows a sudden interest in and knowledge of archaeology. Panicking at his own interest, Picard attempts to convince her that he's really a very dull fellow. She doesn't believe him, but he manages to make his refusal stick.

However, shortly thereafter, the Ferengi's attempt to bribe Briam results in Briam being severely injured. The Ferengi are sent to a nearby Starbase, but now the negotiations are in jeopardy. A delay is not possible, since Kamala's ability to permanently bond does not last long, and Picard is put in the position of having to conclude the negotiations-and worse yet, work closely with Kamala for days in preparing for them.

They become closer over those days, and Kamala admits that until this voyage, she had never been alone at all. She understands her place in history, and intends to fulfill it, "but I find it ironic that on the eve of this ceremony, which I spent my entire life preparing for, that I should meet a man like you." Alric arrives that evening, but is woefully stuffy; by his own admission, he's far more interested in the trade agreements between their two worlds than he is in Kamala. Picard brings Kamala up to date on the arrangements (she is to be presented to Alric the following morning at ten), but Kamala asks him not to leave. He tries to simply sit and talk, but Kamala draws ever closer, not even entirely knowing why.

The following morning at tea, a morose Picard bares his soul a bit to Beverly. He says that although he realizes she "will change as soon as the next man comes in the room...I find myself hoping the next man won't come in." Bev sympathizes, but tells him she doesn't think she can help. Picard arrives to escort Kamala, only to have her tell him that she's already bonded; to him. Regardless, she intends to go ahead with the ceremony; being empathic, she can still please Alric and ensure that he never knows. Picard gives away the bride, looking rather stricken. Finally, the recovered Briam heads back to his ship-but when he asks Picard how he could possibly have resisted her influence, Picard merely tells him to have a safe trip home.

S5E22. 05/02/92 222 45852.1 Imaginary Friend
Troi is busy talking to Clara Sutter, a young girl who's essentially a "Starfleet brat"; she's been on one ship after another following her somewhat remote father's career, and has never stayed in one place too long. Clara has an imaginary friend named Isabella; but although her father is worried that "Isabella" is keeping Clara away from making any real friends, Troi reassures him that it's perfectly normal.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise enters a mysterious nebula, only to have a small glowing object enter the ship. It inspects things for a bit, then finds Clara working in the arboretum. It reads her thoughts, and then reforms; and "Isabella", now very real, greets Clara. Clara's very puzzled, but happy to see Isabella turn real, and Isabella quickly talks her into leaving the arboretum and roaming the ship....

S5E23. 05/09/92 223 45854.2 I Borg
As the Enterprise begins exploring a system that is a possible site for colonization, it comes across a signal of unknown origins. Reasoning that it might be a distress call, and seeing that it comes from a habitable moon, Picard sends an away team down, consisting of Riker, Dr. Crusher, and Worf. They find a crashed ship, and under the debris: an alive, but still functioning, Borg ("I am Hugh").

Riker informs Picard of the situation, who stiffens and prepares to bring the team back at once. Bev, however, demurs; the Borg is badly injured, and would not survive to rejoin its superiors if left unattended. Although the danger would be great, and Worf quickly suggests simply killing it at once, Picard agrees to bring it on board for a short time. A detention cell is prepared and a subspace damping field placed around it (to prevent the Borg from sending any signals out to its fellows). As the team and the Borg are transported up, Picard retires to his ready room. Troi follows, concerned that Picard is reliving old feelings from his capture by the Borg, but Picard reassures her that he's doing just fine, and that he is perfectly comfortable with the decision he's made....

S5E24. 05/16/92 224 N/A The Next Phase
The Enterprise assists a critically damaged Romulan vessel, but when Geordi and Ro beam back with some damaged equipment, something strange happens in transit. They fail to rematerialize, and no sensors can locate them. The Romulan ship manages to save itself by ejecting its engine core (with some help from Riker, Worf and Data), but they continue to need power from the Enterprise while conducting repairs....

S5E25. 05/30/92 225 45944.1 The Inner Light
The Enterprise encounters an object: a probe of unknown and fairly primitive design, which quickly begins matching their course and speed. It initially seems nonthreatening, but soon emits a beam of nucleons. The shields go up, but it manages to break through the shields in a very narrow region, and Picard suddenly faints. He blearily sees Riker holding him...and then Riker dissolves into a youngish woman with a careworn look on her face, who asks Picard if he's feeling better, referring to him as "Kamin". Picard initially believes he's stuck in a holodeck program and attempts to leave, but to no avail. Feeling trapped, he paces. "What is this place?" " your home, of course."


Years afterward, an extremely old Kamin is chasing after his grandson. Meribor and Batai come to take both of them to see "the launching." Kamin is initially not interested, but is talked into it. They head out to the courtyard, where Kamin sits on a bench at the outskirts. "What is it they're launching?"

"You know it, father. You've already seen it." "Seen it? What are you talking about? I haven't seen any missile." "Yes, you have, old friend. Don't you remember?"

Kamin turns, awestruck, to see his friend Batai again, as hale and hearty as he was in the prime of life.

"You saw it just before you came here. We hoped our probe would encounter someone in the future-someone who could be a teacher, someone who could tell the others about us."

"Oh...oh, it's me...isn't it? I'm the someone. I'm the one it finds. That's what this launching is-a probe that finds me in the future!"

"Yes, my love." This comes from Eline, now alive again and flush with the beauty of youth. "The rest of us have been gone a thousand years. If you remember what we were, and how we lived, then we'll have found life again."

"Eline..." He watches the missile lift off.

"Now, we live in you. Tell them of darling..." Kamin stares...

...and Picard wakes up on the bridge of the Enterprise as the probe breaks contact and shuts down. He's initially very disoriented, but quickly reacquires at least a cursory knowledge of the situation. He discovers that he's only been unconscious for 20 or 25 minutes, and accompanies Bev to sickbay.

Some time later, Riker visits Picard in his ready room. As Picard gets used to the fact that this is once again his home, Riker hands him a small box they found inside the probe after they examined it. He leaves, and Picard opens the box, to find his flute. He cradles it to his breast, then softly plays it, as we see the ship fading off towards the stars.

S5E26. 06/13/92 226 45959.1 Time's Arrow
The Enterprise has been called back to Earth to investigate evidence of extraterrestrial visitations to San Francisco in the late 19th century, the most shocking piece of which is Data's head! As the head is inspected, everyone is very edgy to be seeing this apparent sign of Data's death. Everyone, that is, except Data himself, who sees it as a sign that he may not have to worry about outliving all of his friends. It's hypothesized that the aliens visiting Earth might been shape-changers, appearing human. The trail leads them to the planet Devidia Two; no life signs are found, but temporal anomalies are sensed, and triolic waves identical to those on Earth are also picked up. Riker takes down an away team which specifically excludes Data (a bit of "protection" Data finds irrational, but accepts), and there Deanna senses traces of terrified life-forms; human ones....

S6E1. 09/19/92 227 46001.3 Time's Arrow, Part II
S6E2. 09/26/92 228 46041.1 Realm Of Fear (Russian Link)
Barclay, with little option, accepts the risk, and as the suspension begins, he once again encounters the lifeform in the matter stream. As Geordi, O'Brien and Beverly work frantically to screen out the microbes, the lifeform approaches Barclay. They discover the right patterns just in the nick of time, but as the beam-in commences, Barclay spies a second lifeform and grabs onto the first, playing a hunch. He rematerializes intact on board the Enterprise, holding on to one of the missing four Yosemite crewmembers. Apparently, they had also been infected with the microbes, but the limits were pushed too far in the same attempt to cure them, thus losing them to the pattern buffer. Worf and a security team, using the same technique, manage to recover the other three missing crewmembers; and having returned the microbes to their proper homes, the Enterprise moves on.

S6E3. 10/03/92 229 46071.6 Man Of The People
S6E4. 10/10/92 230 46125.3 Relics (youtube)
The Enterprise picks up a long-running distress call from the USS Jenolan, a ship that disappeared 75 years ago. They drop out of warp to help, and are immediately shaken by an enormous gravitational field. Although the source is not immediately visible, they trace the field to its center, and find a large metallic shell, 200 million kilometers in diameter, completely surrounding a star. In other words, they've discovered the first known Dyson sphere, used to harness the entire radiant energy output of a star for inhabitants of the sphere's huge inner surface. The Jenolan is located on the surface of the sphere a short distance away, and they head for it....

S6E5. 10/17/92 231 46154.2 Schisms

S6E6. 10/24/92 232 46192.3 True Q

S6E7. 10/31/92 233 46235.7 Rascals

S6E8. 11/07/92 234 46271.5 A Fistful of Datas

S6E9. 11/14/92 235 46307.2 The Quality of Life

S6E10. 12/12/92 236 46357.4 Chain of Command, Part I

S6E11. 12/19/92 237 46360.8 Chain of Command, Part II

S6E12. 01/23/93 238 46424.1 Ship In A Bottle (on youtube)
Moriarty managed to "leave" the holodeck because it was a holodeck within a holodeck. Moriarty is in a huge holodeck program of his own making - and so are they. ... Picard then steps in, shutting down the holodeck program that Moriarty had entered ever since Picard's conversation with the Countess and saving Moriarty and the Countess in an isolated memory cube. He then shuts down the program Moriarty created and leaves the holodeck. As the Enterprise retreats to observe the planetary collision from a safe distance, Picard explains this to everyone, pointing out that Moriarty's perceived "reality" right now may be no different from their own - and perhaps they are just a fiction playing itself out on a box on someone's table.
S6E13. 01/30/93 239 46461.3 Aquiel
The Enterprise investigates a relay station which has gone silent, but find only a stray dog and "cellular residue" which appears to be the remains of one of the station's two officers. Nearby blood traces are those of the junior officer, Lt. Aquiel Uhnari, so it is assumed that the residue is hers. A search begins for the second officer, one Lt. Keith Rocha, and for the station's missing shuttlecraft, which Rocha presumably took. Meanwhile, Geordi searches the station logs for any trace of evidence, but due to station damage can get no more than Uhnari's personal correspondence with her sister. After seeing dozens of these logs, Geordi comes to feel as though he knows "Aquiel", and also has at least a suspicion or two about her murder.

The station is near Klingon space, and a Klingon commander, Morag, is cited in Aquiel's logs as repeatedly harassing the station - a situation which added tension to an already chilly relationship between Aquiel and Rocha. Picard, seeking to cover the Klingon angle, speaks to the local Klingon governor, Torak, and through veiled threats about bringing Gowron in to examine Torak's work, manages to convince Torak to help with the investigation. However, when Torak's ship arrives, the investigation is thrown into an uproar - for on board is Lt. Aquiel Uhnari, very much alive. ...

S6E14. 02/06/93 240 46519.1 Face Of The Enemy
S6E15. 02/13/93 241 N/A Tapestry
Sickbay is in chaos, as a critically injured Jean- Luc Picard is beamed aboard. After being shot at close range with an energy weapon, Picard's artificial heart has malfunctioned, and he is dying on the surgical table. His vital signs begin to fade even further...

...and Picard looks around himself into a gulf of impenetrable whiteness. He sees nothing for a few moments, and then sees an angelic figure approaching him, shrouded in light. He takes this "angel's" hand, and the angel becomes more recognizable:

"Welcome to the afterlife, Jean-Luc," says Q. "You're dead."

Picard scoffs at the notion that he is dead, and even more so at Q's claim of being God. "I refuse to believe that the afterlife is run by you - the universe is not so badly designed!" Q, persistent, brings other evidence to bear, and Picard sees and hears his late father scold him for coming to a bad end with Starfleet: "Dead ... before your time." Maurice Picard fades, but Q then calls up the voices of Picard's "victims" - the many people who have died over the years through Picard acting or failing to act.

He offers Picard a chance to express regrets for a "sordid" past, but Picard says that if he really is dead, "My only regret is dying and finding you here!" Q, acting hurt, points out that he was not the cause of Picard's death - Picard's artificial heart was. When asked how he lost his real heart, however, Picard only mutters that it was a mistake from his youth.

Q quickly pounces on this regret and displays the event to Picard, who sees his young and cocky self get stabbed through the heart by an angry Nausicaan. Agreeing with Q that the fight wasn't smart, he claims to have been a different man then. "Arrogant, undisciplined, with far too much ego and far too little wisdom. I was much more like you." Picard continues on, regretting that he hadn't learned responsibility until after being stabbed through the back, and notes that if he'd been more responsible then he'd have a real heart and wouldn't have died when he did.

"So if you had to do it all over again?" "Things would be different." ...

S6E16. 02/20/93 242 46578.4 Birthright, Part I
S6E17. 02/27/93 243 46579.2 Birthright, Part II
S6E18. 03/27/93 244 46682.4 Starship Mine
Subduing one of the terrorists, Picard attempts to leave the ship for the station on the nearby planet, but fails; ship's power is cut off just at the wrong time. He returns to his "victim" and attempts to find out what's going on, but to no avail. He does, however, overhear others trying to get in touch with the other man (apparently named DeVoor), and finds that they're meeting in Engineering. He heads for there himself, only to be caught. Meanwhile, at the party for the senior staff that Picard fled, their benign hosts suddenly turn violent, shooting both Geordi and Commander Hutchinson with a laser weapon and holding the others hostage.

In Engineering, a woman named Kelsey (apparently the hijackers' leader) is checking on everyone's progress when Picard is brought in. Picard identifies himself as Mot, the barber, and pleads ignorance when asked what he's still doing on board. Kelsey, annoyed, puts Sadler (one of her technical assistants) on guard duty while she works with Neal (another tech) on extracting the trilithium resin they're after from the engines. Planetside, Riker and company begin planning to use Geordi's VISOR as a weapon, rigging it to deliver a hypersonic pulse that will knock everyone but Data unconscious. ...

S6E19. 04/03/93 245 46693.1 Lessons
S6E20. 04/24/93 246 46731.5 The Chase
S6E21. 05/01/93 247 46778.1 Frame of Mind
Riker, looking very disheveled, is deep in conversation with an unseen doctor. It soon becomes clear that he's in an insane asylum, brought there until he can stand trial for his actions. Riker steadily loses what little cool he has, and in the end has some sharp words for the doctor: 

S6E22. 05/08/93 248 46830.1 Suspicions
S6E23. 05/15/93 249 46852.2 Rightful Heir
S6E24. 05/22/93 250 46915.2 Second Chances
S6E25. 06/12/93 251 46944.2 Timescape

The Enterprise, with Riker in command, goes to answer a Romulan distress call claiming engine failure, but keeps shields up and red alert ready just in case. In the meantime, Picard is returning from a conference, along with Troi, Geordi, and Data. They pass the time discussing various facets of the conference, but Troi suddenly finds that from her point of view, everyone else has suddenly frozen!

They "unfreeze" in a few seconds, but all are mystified about what it is Troi could have seen. As Data and Geordi run a diagnostic, Troi tells Picard about the situation - and then finds that everyone is huddled around her seeming very concerned. This time, she is the one that froze - and did so for a full three minutes. What's more, Geordi's readings suggest that she didn't age during those minutes either - as if time simply stopped for her.

Still unable to contact the Enterprise, they increase speed. However, just at that moment, the starboard nacelle inexplicably fails. They stabilize their flight, but find that the nacelle's readings indicate continuous operation for almost 50 days. Puzzled, Picard goes to check the fuel logs, but finds that the bowl of fruit previously on the table is now full of very rotting fruit. He reaches for the fruit, and suddenly screams in pain.

Troi and company arrive, concerned, and find that Picard's hand has aged at more than fifty times its normal rate while he was near the bowl. The tricorder detects a bubble of temporal instability within which time runs at about fifty times normal speed - and the bubble includes the starboard nacelle of the runabout, thus explaining the engine failure. They attempt to move away from the bubble, but find themselves backing into another - in fact, the sensors now detect a whole host of these pockets, varying in shape, size, and effect. It appears that the space- time continuum has been "shattered" in this area, and the trail of breakage leads to the place where they're supposed to rendezvous with the Enterprise. They head for it as quickly as possible, while taking pains to avoid any of the pockets.

When they eventually reach the Enterprise, they are stunned to see it frozen in time. It sits, dead in space - with a Romulan Warbird near it, also frozen, and firing on the Enterprise. The Enterprise shows damage, while the warbird does not, prompting Geordi to suggest a surprise attack. There is also a second beam going from the Enterprise to the warbird's engineering section, which no one can explain....

S6E26. 06/19/93 252 46982.1 Descent

S7E1. 09/18/93 253 47025.4 Descent, Part II
S7E2. 09/25/93 254 N/A Liaisons
The Enterprise is receiving a delegation of ambassadors from Iyar. As Picard prepares to return with Voval, the Iyaaran pilot, to meet with the head of state, the two ambassadors, Loquel and Byleth, stay behind to explore the human culture. Loquel works with Troi, and Byleth works with a very reluctant Worf.

Things quickly take, if not a negative turn, at least a decidedly strange one. Loquel quickly becomes fascinated with desserts, a foreign concept to his world, while Byleth appears to be one of the only people who has fewer social graces than Worf, who does not respond well to the treatment he receives.

Meanwhile, Picard's trip is rudely interrupted when the power to the Iyaaran shuttle fails and they crash-land on a deserted planet. With Voval wounded, Picard leaves to try to find help, but is struck by plasma lightning and dragged away unconscious.

He wakes to find himself in a crashed Terellian freighter, with only one rather bedraggled woman for company. The woman, Anna, seems somewhat unfamiliar with speech, and claims to have been a passenger on the freighter when it crashed. (Almost as an aside, she also mentions that Voval is dead.) They both find out that she's been on the planet for seven years, and she reacts very badly to the news. Picard, trying to be as reassuring as possible, says that if they work together they can manage to leave the world. She is grateful, but cautions him not to exert himself or even move very much - he has several broken ribs, and the restricting field she's placed on him to help the bones knit will impede his motion. She offers to go to the crashed shuttle and pick up equipment they can use, and then leaves him alone, locking the door from the outside. ...

S7E3. 10/02/93 255 47215.5 Interface
The USS Raman is in jeopardy, trapped inside a gas giant, and the Enterprise is naturally called in to rescue them. They plan to do so by using a new piece of technology, a probe that Geordi uses via a direct neural interface, letting him experience the probe's responses as if he were actually where the probe is. Although the gas giant's atmosphere is very turbulent, the probe should be able to transmit without problems. All is well - until Starfleet calls Picard with a message of bad news. The U.S.S. Hera disappeared four days ago, along with all of her crew - and her captain, Geordi's mother.

S7E4. 10/09/93 256 47135.2 Gambit, Part I
Picard has been missing for weeks, and the search for him leads to a seedy bar on Dessica Two. A combination of reward and intimidation finds them someone who tells them what they need to know - but that fact is bittersweet, as they find that Picard was apparently vaporized in a bar brawl by mercenaries! The mercenaries' base may be located in the Barradas system, and Riker orders the Enterprise there quickly.

S7E5. 10/16/93 257 47160.1 Gambit, Part II
They arrive at Vulcan, but "Galen" orders a change in plans: Tallera is to take only one artifact down, coming back up with their payment before the second is delivered. Tallera turns the tables, revealing Picard's Starfleet connections and accusing him of selling out the crew. In return, Picard tells them of Tallera's interest in the weapon, and suggests that they will be abandoned once she has assembled the full device. Narek and Vekor offer a compromise: they will accompany Tallera down and collect the payment themselves. She agrees, suggesting they bring Picard down as a hostage.

They arrive in the caverns, where Narek and Vekor find that their "reward" is less than half of what they were promised. Tallera says that it's the best they will get, and urges them to leave. When they threaten her, she turns the now-completed weapon on them, killing them very quickly. Picard, however, refuses to threaten her, despite her insistence that "the power of the mind" is unstoppable. Riker and company arrive in the caves, but Picard orders them to drop their weapons and clear their minds of aggression. Having seen the glyph on the final piece of the weapon, he reasons that the resonator is only effective when amplifying negative emotions, and that if they refuse to succumb to aggression, it cannot harm them. Tallera tries to attack them anyway, and to her frustration finds she cannot. She is taken into custody, and as Vulcan arranges for the complete destruction of the weapon, Picard and Riker both get used to being back on the Enterprise.

S7E6. 10/23/93 258 47225.7 Phantasms

S7E7. 10/30/93 259 47254.1 Dark Page
Dark Pages of Lwaxana: ... Deanna finds Lwaxana, alone and pitiful. Lwaxana tells Deanna to leave, but Deanna refuses, telling Lwaxana to let them face the truth together. Deanna sees a scene play itself out: a scene of herself as an infant, with her mother, her father, and an older sister, Kestra, whom Deanna never knew. Lwaxana finally tells Deanna of the tragic accident in which Kestra died, and with Deanna's help comes to terms with her own role in it. Lwaxana "says" goodbye to Kestra, and she and Deanna both wake, fully recovered. With Lwaxana returned to health, she and Deanna begin to talk about Kestra.

S7E8. 11/06/93 260 47304.2 Attached
... As Picard and Bev continue their escape (narrowly avoiding plumes of flaming gas), Riker manages to establish a link with the Prytt. However, the connection is immediately broken, because the contact was not authorized. Loren, representing the Prytt Security Ministry immediately calls back, livid, and threatens the ship if they don't stop their hails. Mauric, hearing about this from Riker, attempts to cheer him up by saying that his agents have freed Picard and Bev. They adjourn to his quarters to discuss the details, which involve quite a bit of cloak-and-dagger intrigue. Picard and Bev, meanwhile, discover while traveling that the neural implants are allowing them to read each others thoughts and emotions, at least on a surface level. The experience is unsettling for both of them: stray, uncontrolled thoughts lead to tension until they each realize that the other cannot be held responsible for stray thoughts. What's more, when they attempt to separate and weaken the psychic link, they find that they become uncontrollably nauseous when too far apart. They continue their travels, and the connection between them strengthens as they begin to find out more about each other's hidden thoughts and fears. The situation changes, however, when they spot a Prytt guard standing watch by the path they mean to take. They decide to take an alternate route to the Kes border.

Riker and Worf go to talk to Mauric, who is very upset that Picard and Bev have not shown up on schedule to the rendezvous. He accuses the Federation of secretly allying itself with the Prytt, and insists on leaving the ship.

Some time later, after the implants have been removed, Picard asks Beverly what they should do about their new understanding of each other. Now that they've realized these feelings, he suggests, perhaps they should "not be afraid" to explore them. Beverly leans in and gently kisses him, but then responds, "Or perhaps we should be afraid. [...] I think I should be going now." They part, and Jean-Luc broods over the wash of empty space.

S7E9. 11/13/93 261 47310.2 Force of Nature

S7E10. 11/20/93 262 47410.2 Inheritance
... The Enterprise crew is assisting in re-liquefying the core of Atrea Four by drilling holes to "magma pockets" near the core and injecting hot plasma into the core from there. However, Data soon finds he has more concerns than this one project, because one of the scientists, Dr. Juliana Tainer, claims to have been Data's co-creator - and Noonian Soong's wife! Her story is, in many ways, quite convincing. She says that she married Soong in secret owing to parental pressure, and that Data has no memory of her because his early experiences were erased after a difficult "childhood". Juliana is very surprised to hear that Data and Soong have actually met, and finds herself hit very hard by the news of Soong's death, despite the fact that she left him years and years ago. Even with all these details, however, Data is initially very skeptical of her claims, in part because Soong never mentioned her. He searches for as much corroborative detail as he can, and finds enough to convince him that she's telling the truth. They continue to get to know each other, discussing things such as the choice of Data's gender, and the programming of both manners and modesty into Data's personality after some childhood difficulties. The initial drilling to the magma pocket is successful, and with a few hours to kill, Data shows Juliana his quarters.

There, Juliana is swept away by the "beauty" of Data's violin playing, and asks to accompany him in an upcoming recital. Her mood worsens, however, after she sees a painting of Lal and hears of her tragic story. Later, after they practice, she asks Data if he intends to create another android, and worries about whether it's right to create something with such little chance of survival. She speaks from experience; apparently, she and Soong had three android "miscarriages" before a successful creation - and that creation was Lore. Eventually, she reveals that she was initially opposed to Data's creation, and admits that she forced Soong to leave Data behind when the Crystalline Entity attacked, worried that otherwise she might have to deactivate him as she did Lore. She leaves, in tears. ...

S7E11. 11/27/93 263 47391.2 Parallels
Worf is returning from a bat'leth tournament on Forgus Three, in which he won top prize. He is looking forward to rejoining the Enterprise, but also somewhat jumpy.

This is because it's his birthday, and as Riker briefs Worf it becomes more and more clear that Worf is expecting Riker to have arranged some sort of celebration. "A surprise party?" says Riker, aghast. "I hate surprise parties; I would never do that to you." Worf, relieved, bids Riker farewell. He heads into the second room of his quarters, only to be surprised by a number of his friends. Riker comes back in, grinning. "I love surprise parties." At the party, everyone is present except for Picard, who sends his regards via Riker. Worf grudgingly puts up with happy songs and having to cut the (chocolate) birthday cake. He receives his gifts, including an expressionist painting from Data that Troi insists on hanging prominently in the front room. Geordi comes in, compliments the painting, and extends his own best wishes to Worf. Worf staggers very briefly, but insists it's only because Data's painting is making him dizzy. "Cake?" Worf and Data accept the pieces offered, but Worf seems surprised to notice that the cake is yellow. "The cake was chocolate..." "Oh, don't I wish," chimes in Troi helpfully. Worf receives more gifts, then hears Picard ask him how old he is. Worf again seems surprised, this time because he didn't think Picard could attend - but Picard says he wouldn't have missed it for anything.

S7E12. 01/08/94 264 47457.1 The Pegasus

S7E13. 01/15/94 265 47423.9 Homeward
The Enterprise reaches Boraal Two after Worf's foster brother Nikolai sends a distress signal. They find that the atmosphere is being wiped out by plasmonic reactions, and that the planet will be dead in less than 38 hours. Worf, seeing possible signs of a deflector shield in caverns near Nikolai's observation post, beams down (after alteration to look like a Boraalan) to look for Nikolai - but he finds not only Nikolai, but a group of Boraalans looking for Nikolai and Worf to save them as well! Worf and Nikolai, pretending to return to the surface, return to the Enterprise, where Nikolai argues in favor of saving one Boraalan village, despite the gross violation of the Prime Directive everyone else believes it to be. Picard refuses outright to approve Nikolai's request to create an atmospheric shield, and orders Nikolai to stay off the planet, retrieving his research only via Enterprise comm-link.

S7E14. 01/29/94 266 N/A Sub Rosa

S7E15. 02/05/94 267 47566.7 Lower Decks

S7E16. 02/12/94 268 47611.2 Thine Own Self
... On Barkon, Talur, the village's resident scientist, examines Data and pronounces him fit in all respects save his memory loss. (His heartbeat, in particular, is "very regular.") As far as his odd appearance is concerned, she grants that "my grandmother would have called our friend here a demon, or a spirit, or some sort of monster - but current scientific methodology allows us to dismiss such ridiculous superstitions and concentrate on scientific reality." What is he, then? An "iceman", or so she says - from a race that lives in the mountains under very harsh conditions. As Talur leaves, Gia enters and helps Garvin pick a name for Data: "Jayden." ...

S7E17. 02/19/94 269 47618.4 Masks
The Enterprise has come across a rogue comet that has been traveling for 87 million years to get to its current location. A sensor scan creates a temporary but giant sensor echo, and suddenly strange things start happening: Troi finds a pedestal in her quarters, Data is inspired to sculpt a mask with a similar design, and symbols start appearing on terminals all over the ship. As Geordi discovers that the symbols have leaked in via the sensors, Data somehow intuitively recognizes many of them, and suspects his systems have also been corrupted.

The Enterprise uses main phasers to melt the icy shell off the comet, and discover a city-like structure lurking within. It is of unknown composition, and is even older than the comet itself. Data theorizes that it is a type of cultural archive, and becomes concerned enough about his own systems to have Geordi run a diagnostic. As he leaves, Picard notes the frequent occurrence of two symbols all over the ship: a compass symbol possibly denoting movement, and a small sliver of unknown meaning.

S7E18. 02/26/94 270 47622.1 Eye of the Beholder
Everyone is stunned when Lt. Kwan, serving in the warp nacelle tube, kills himself by jumping into a plasma discharge. It doesn't seem like an action Kwan would do, and Picard wants an explanation he can give to Kwan's parents when he informs them of the tragedy. Worf and Troi get to work on investigating the suicide. The pair search his quarters and even his personal logs, but see no evidence of any sort of strain - in fact, if anything, he appears happy and looking forward to the next days.

S7E19. 03/19/94 271 47653.2 Genesis
... Days later, Picard and Data return to find the Enterprise adrift and without power. They manage to enter the shuttle bay and begin exploring. After hearing a number of animal-like noises and finding what appears to be a layer of skin someone shed, they reach Troi's quarters. Entering, they find Troi in the bathtub - completely submerged, and with gills as well as lungs. Data's scans suggest that her genetic codes are being rewritten on the spot, and that she has mutated - in effect, she is now amphibian rather than human.

S7E20. 03/26/94 272 47751.2 Journey's End
... In the "habak", the chamber where visionquests occur, Wes and Lakanta talk briefly of spirits that have visited before, and then Wes is instructed to start the fire and sit. Lakanta says that "I can open the door - but only you can go through it," as the quest begins.

Picard's attempt to plead for more time with Starfleet fails, despite Nechayev's sympathies. Wes, meanwhile, continues to stare into the fire, and suddenly sees a vision of his father, who tells him that he's reached the end of this journey, the one he's been on ever since Jack died - and that "now it's time to find a path that is truly yours. Don't follow me any further." Wes wakes and returns to the camp, only to find Worf making surreptitious preparations to beam the entire colony off-planet. Appalled, Wes attempts to put a stop to it the easiest way he can: he informs the colony of Worf's actions, very publicly, and nearly incites a riot as a result.

Picard is, to put it mildly, not pleased at this news, and tells Wes that his actions were completely inexcusable. He tells Wes that the morality judgement was not his to make, and that "while you wear that uniform, you will obey every order you are given." Wes agrees, but promptly removes his combadge and tells Picard he's resigning from the Academy immediately. He later explains this action a bit more to Beverly, who is very upset by it. Wes explains that Starfleet has never really been for him, but it wasn't until recently that he began to realize it - and it wasn't until his vision that he actually accepted it. Bev, keeping in mind the Traveller's promise that Wes has a very different destiny in store for him, accepts this.

Wes returns to the surface, only to find that two of the Cardassians have been taken prisoner by the colonists. With the situation growing more volatile by the minute, Evek (on the Enterprise meeting with Picard) prepares to order troops to beam down, rescue the colonists, and "occupy" the village. Picard protests, threatening a response that would lead to war. A Cardassian tries to break free, and a struggle ensues. Wes screams "NO!" and rushes to help -

- and finds that everything around him is frozen. He stands confused, until Lakanta (very much unfrozen) reassures him that Wes has simply stepped out of time for a moment, beginning a journey very few humans can take. Lakanta now reveals himself to be the Traveller, offering Wesley the chance to explore this new side of himself, with the Traveller as guide. Wes accepts, and the Traveller urges him not to interfere in this current fight, trusting them to work out their own problems. The two walk off, as the fight continues.

At the last moment, Picard manages to convince Evek to avoid a confrontation by beaming up his officers (an action which Picard then repeats for the Enterprise crewmembers). The issue is settled: the tribe renounces its Federation citizenship, allowing them to stay where they are but putting them at risk for Cardassian interference. Evek, however, says that he believes they will be left alone, providing the tribe does the same. Evek leaves, satisfied, and Anthwara thanks Picard for his help, assuring him that he has erased the "stain of blood" that has been on his family for centuries. The Enterprise departs, but not before Picard and Beverly bid fond farewells to Wesley, who has decided to remain behind to learn what he can from these people before continuing his training with the Traveller.

S7E21. 04/23/94 273 47779.4 Firstborn

S7E22. 04/30/94 274 47829.1 Bloodlines

S7E23. 05/07/94 275 47869.2 Emergence
... Data tries to access the holodeck systems, but is stopped by the conductor, recently arrived and demanding to see the trio's tickets. While they stall, the engineer rushes in and tells everyone to leave Data and company alone: "they're only trying to help!" However, the conductor tells him to go back to the engine, and when the engineer protests that everyone is hijacking the train, a gangster shoots him in the back. The conductor then pulls a cord, turning the train - and simultaneously, the ship goes into warp again, this time with no chance of shutdown. "Now we're on the right track," says the conductor confidently, and orders Data and company off the train. As the holodeck safeties are off-line, they leave with all deliberate speed.

Returning to engineering, Data notices that the nodes have expanded their influence, now connecting most of the ship's systems independently of the main computer - and he also notes that the structure of the system forming bears an apt resemblance to a primitive neural network. From this, he deduces that the Enterprise is somehow forming an intelligence of its own! Although the concept of an "emergent property" (something greater than the sum of its parts) lets them justify the possibility, no one knows exactly what this intelligence might want. However, the key to understanding it seems to be in the holodeck, the consciousness's "imagination". Troi goes in to gather information, taking Data and Worf along.

While Data attempts to gain access to the circuitry once more, Troi talks to the gangster, who now holds a brick he took from the dead engineer. He tells her that he has to get the brick to Keystone City, "where everything begins." The conductor again enters and again orders the crew off at the next stop - Keystone City. The gangster gets off the train as well, and Troi and Worf follow him while Data tries to access the circuits through a manhole in the city street, triggering a cab that tries to run him down in the process. The gangster proceeds to a brick wall with one brick missing, and puts the brick in, telling Troi and Worf that he is "layin' the foundation." At that moment, a power surge kicks in in a cargo bay - and when Geordi goes to investigate, he finds an object in the process of forming.

Data, literally holding the cab at bay, proceeds to depolarize the circuits he has gained access to, but the ship and holodeck begin shaking, dropping bricks down on Troi in the process. Data stops, and the situation stabilizes. The trio then leave the holodeck to compare notes with those outside.

When everyone meets, Troi cites the themes of creation she witnessed (the brick, a puzzle being put together, and so forth), and Geordi points out that the object in the bay is being made atom by atom. Troi believes that the characters on the holodeck are not fully aware of what they are, and as such cannot be reasoned with. Picard suggests playing the scenario through their way, and allows Troi to go back into the holodeck.

The same trio as before boards the train, and this time answers the conductor by displaying three tickets to Vertiform City (the train's eventual destination). What's more, when the conductor mentions engine trouble, they volunteer to have Worf help in the engine room, which he does. Meanwhile, a passenger tells Troi that Vertiform City has a restaurant with unlimited and good food.

The Enterprise reaches a white dwarf star (at a much faster speed than before, thanks to Worf's coal-shoveling skills) and begins extracting vertion particles from it via tractor beam. The object in the bay begins growing very quickly and becoming more complex - but then, suddenly, the star runs completely out of vertions, and the object begins to have difficulty maintaining its energy output. The conductor is shocked: "We've been on the wrong track all along!", he cries, as he pulls the emergency brake...

S7E24. 05/14/94 276 47941.7 Preemptive Strike
... Later, the Maquis attack is imminent, and the Enterprise is waiting with a strike force in a nearby nebula for the Maquis to cross the border. Ro and Riker are in one ship of the Maquis force, about to cross the border themselves - but then suddenly, she stops the ship, holds Riker at bay with a phaser, and fires a particle beam into the nebula, exposing the Federation ships. As the Maquis abort the attack without crossing the border, Ro lets her ship cross over and head for the Enterprise.

As Picard and Worf prepare to take her into custody, Ro tells Kalita on another ship to prepare to beam her aboard. She tells Riker that she's joining the Maquis; "It's been a long time since I really felt like I belonged somewhere." She asks Riker to do her one favor: tell Picard that she's sorry for letting him down. With that, the two bid farewell, as Ro is beamed away.

When Riker returns to the Enterprise, he tells Picard of what happened, and hands him the report - but Picard won't take it. Riker leaves Picard's ready room, and Picard sits, devastated and shocked by Ro's final betrayal.

S7E25. 05/23/94 747 47988.1 All Good Things...


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