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UNSCOM's Comprehensive Review, Delivered to the Security Council 25 January 1999.
Brief History of the Comprehensive Review.

CNS Research
Iraq: Weapons of Mass Destruction Capabilities and Programs - summary chart.
Foreign Suppliers to Iraq's Biological Weapons Program - clickable flowchart.
Iraqi Purchase of Missile Gyroscopes from Russia - special investigation.

UNSCOM Documents
UNSCOM report on Iraqi VX warheads, October 1998.
              Includes unique diagrams of VX warhead analysis.
"UNSCOM and the Iraqi Challenge," 3 December 1998.
              A CNS special briefing by Rolf Ekeus, Executive Chairman of UNSCOM, 1991-1997.
UNSCOM report on its activities, 17 November - 2 December 1998.
              Details Iraqi non-cooperation with inspections.
IAEA and UNSCOM reports to UN Security Council, 15 December 1998.
              Iraqi cooperation with IAEA, non-cooperation with UNSCOM.
UNSCOM letter to UN Security Council, 30 November 1998.
              Butler letters to Aziz regarding "special" Iraqi warheads.
UNSCOM-Iraq exchange on biological weapons, November 1998.
              Dispute over documents regarding Iraqi biological weapons program.
Resignation letter of inspector William S. Ritter, Jr., 26 August 1998.

International Reactions to Operation Desert Fox
"Chinese Reactions to the US Strike on Iraq," 17 December 1998.
"French Position on the Current Iraq Crisis," 17 December 1998,
              by Sonia Ben Ouagrham.
"Russian Reaction: What's Behind the Opposition," 17 December 1998,
              by Nikolai Sokov.
"Russian Reaction, Day Two: Recalling the Ambassador," 18 December 1998,
              by Nikolai Sokov.
World Survey of Reactions to US Strike on Iraq, 17 December 1998.

CNS/UNSCOM Photo Gallery
Photos of Iraqi weapons and sites taken by UNSCOM inspectors,
              with enhanced size/resolution and detailed captions by CNS analysts.

Earlier UNSCOM Reports
Report to UN Security Council, October 1998.
              Details relations between Iraq and UNSCOM; identifies remaining questions, especially regarding biological weapons program.
Chronology of UNSCOM Inspections in Iraq, October 1998.
              (Revised and edited by CNS).
Briefings to UN Security Council, 3-4 June 1998.
              Details Iraqi concealment policies and tactics. Includes introduction by Butler, UNSCOM staff presentations on unilateral destruction, missiles, chemical weapons, biological weapons, documents, and concealment.
UN-Iraq Memorandum of Understanding, 25 February 1998.
              On IAEA and UNSCOM verification to implement UN Security Council resolutions 687 and 715 regarding Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.
Excerpt of the Report to UN Security Council, October 1995.
              First detailed public accounting of Iraqi official declarations regarding its biological and chemical weapons programs.

Iraqi Procurement of Proscribed Weapons and Technologies
"The Mystery of the Sunken Gyros," Vladimir Orlov & William C. Potter,
              Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (November/December 1998).
"The Case Russia Forgot," William C. Potter,
              New York Times, 3 April 1998.
Initial report (translation by CNS) or more detailed second version of
              Moscow PIR Center investigation into 1995 Iraqi purchase of missile guidance components from Russia.
CNS Summary of the "Bill of Indictment" by German court in 1992,
              regarding Iraqi procurement for nuclear, missile, and chemical weapon programs. The full-text translation is also available (PDF file size: 270kb, 64 pages). Download Acrobat Reader

Publications on Iraq by Dr. Jonathan Tucker,
              Director of the CNS Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Project and a former UNSCOM inspector.
"Evidence Iraq Used Chemical Weapons During the 1991 Gulf War," Jonathan Tucker,
              The Nonproliferation Review, Spring-Summer 1997, pp. 114-122.
"Hide-and-Seek, Iraqi Style," Jonathan Tucker,
              New York Times, 22 November 1997.
"One Doable Goal: Defanging Saddam," Jonathan Tucker,
              Los Angeles Times, 20 November 1997.
"Monitoring and Verification in a Noncooperative Environment:
              Lessons from the U.N. Experience in Iraq," Jonathan Tucker, The Nonproliferation Review, Spring-Summer 1996, pp. 1-14.

CNS Archives
"Iraqi Inspections: Lessons Learned," David Kay,
              Eye on Supply 8 (Winter 1993).

CNS Databases
              CNS databases include abstracts of 24,000+ articles. A small subset is presented here; access to the full databases available only by subscription.
Iraqi disputes with UNSCOM - 1998.
Nuclear abstracts: 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991.
Missile abstracts: 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991.

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